Cosmetic Injectables Can Be Used to Enhance One’s Aging Skin

by | Jun 30, 2019

Aging skin can do a number on one’s self-confidence. At the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California, patients in and around the community of Sacramento, CA have solutions available to them they may never have considered before. When aging skin happens, most patients think their only option is plastic surgery. Thankfully, we have many minimally invasive solutions for our patients to consider, including cosmetic injectables.

What are cosmetic injectables?

Instead of undergoing invasive facelifts, patients can now turn to injectable gels that can help in reducing and even eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face that can contribute to an aging appearance. The results can last several months, even years, depending on the injectable used and how often patients have reinjections completed.

What types of injectables are available?

Our practice has a wide range of injectable options, including:

  • Neuromodulators – a popular neuromodulator that many patients know by name is Botox. This injectable is administered into the muscles of the face to reduce contractions that cause dynamic wrinkle development. It is best used on the upper portion of the face to treat crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and forehead folds.
  • Dermal fillers – we have many different varieties of dermal fillers that are used to address specific wrinkles and folds. These hyaluronic acid gels are administered right where they are needed to add volume and smooth the skin. Popular injectable brands include Juvederm and Restylane.
  • Volume enhancers – with a molecule known as poly-L-Lactic acid, patients can have injections completed in the cheek area to add volume where volume may be lost. Injectables such as Sculptra can be used in this manner to address sunken in cheeks caused by collagen and elastin reduction. This type of treatment can last several years with a few injections which stimulate collagen and elastin production in the area in which it is injected.

Ask about cosmetic injectables today!

At the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California, patients in and around the community of Sacramento, California are able to achieve amazing, more youthful skin and an improved self-confidence! If you are considering alternatives to plastic surgery such as cosmetic injectables, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our staff. Our practice is conveniently located at 3835 J Street and can be contacted by phone at (916) 456-0400. A visit with our staff allows our team to provide recommendations and ensure patients achieve the results they desire.


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