Lives Transformed

Lives Transformed

We are world-renowned skin experts, but at Laser & Skin, we believe our work is more than skin-deep.

When we treat our patients, we transform lives.

We’re excited to share some of our favorite, most inspirational stories of patient transformations with you. These stories of Lives Transformed are what motivate us to continue the work we do each day. They reflect our commitment to compassionate skincare and supporting natural, individual beauty — both inside and out.

Summary of Lives Transformed

Inspirational Stories

Caitlin Beckett Inspirational Story

Caitlin Beckett Story

Caitlin grew up in sunny Sacramento, but had not had a skin exam until a friend was diagnosed with melanoma at a young age and encouraged all of her friends to get skin exams. Being fair-skinned and a big fan of the outdoors, Caitlin made an appointment right away. Her first skin exam at Laser & Skin resulted in seven biopsies. Thankfully, all were benign, but marked her as high-risk and therefore, in need of skin exams every six months.

How was YOUR life transformed
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