What are Vascular Birthmarks?

More than 10 out of 100 babies have vascular birthmarks. These are made up of blood vessels bunched together in the skin. They can be flat or raised with pink, red or bluish discoloration.

The most common types of vascular birthmarks are port wine stains (PWS) and hemangiomas:

  • Port wine stains appear at birth. They are formed most often on the face, neck, arms or legs. Overtime, left untreated, port wine stains may thicken nd develop bumps. Port wine stains do not resolve untreated and last a lifetime.
  • Hemangiomas generally become visible with in he first few weeks after birth.

The Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California is located in Sacramento, California. Our physicians are considered top experts in their field when it comes to Vascular Birthmark Laser Treatments in Sacramento county.

By Concern Body - Vascular Birthmarks


Laser treatment of port wine stains is FDA approved. Treatment should begin as early as possible for best results. Multiple treatments are generally required. Our center has several lasers that are beneficial for treatment of vascular birthmarks.

What lasers are used?

  • Beam® Perfecta
  • CoolGlide
  • Cynergy™
  • Diolite
  • Gemini®
  • GentleLASE™
  • GentleMax Pro®
  • VariLite

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