Achieve Thicker, Fuller Eyelashes with FDA approved Latisse Treatment

by | Oct 15, 2018

A condition called hypotrichosis affects many women and can result in inadequate eyelash growth. When even mascara cannot address thinning eyelashes, it is essential that patients consider solutions outside of using false eyelashes. With Latisse, women can treat their condition and improve the thickness and color of their eyelashes in just a few months.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a special medication that is applied to the lash line every night to help stimulate the growth of new eyelashes. This medication is a prescription and is only available through a dedicated physician, such as those at Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Northern California. Dr. Suzanne L. Kilmer and her staff are pleased to provide patients with solutions that are used to achieve a more attractive appearance, including Latisse. This treatment is cleared by the FDA for inadequate eyelash growth and is completely safe and effective!

How long does it take?

Eyelashes do not immediately appear. Instead, Latisse takes time. When patients use the product as directed each and every day, they will begin to see results after a few months. After about 16 weeks, optimum improvements are seen. It is important, however, for patients to understand that discontinuing use of Latisse will result in eyelash loss, so consistent, continual use is recommended.

Side effects of Latisse

When patients are thinking about using prescription medication products, they often ask about the potential side effects which could occur. With Latisse, the most common side effect was darkening of the skin on the eyelid, but this was often reversed with discontinuation.

Consider Latisse as an effective way of achieving thicker, fuller lashes!

If you are ready to speak to a professional about the use of Latisse for improving eyelash growth, we encourage you to book an appointment with the team at Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Northern California. Our staff works hard at providing the latest techniques for treating the skin and body with dermatological advances. With Latisse, patients can feel beautiful! Call Dr. Suzanne L. Kilmer at (916) 456-0400 to schedule an appointment at 3835 J Street in Sacramento, California.

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    I have a Rx for Larissa. What is your price for latisse?


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