What is Renuva?

Renuva is a dermal filler made from allograft adipose matrix derived from human fat. This treatment restores age-related volume loss in the face, hands, and body. Over time Renuva is replaced with your body’s own fat.

How it Works

Once injected, Renuva creates a honeycomb-like adipose matrix” that acts as a scaffold for your own body to form fat, a process called remodeling. It’s gradually replaced over the next three months by your own fat cells, reversing volume loss in the face, hands, and body


Although Renuva has minimal side effects, some patients may experience redness, swelling, tenderness, pain and irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Renuva a Filler?

Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix, not a dermal filler, that helps your fat cells gradually regenerate. It can restore volume and enhance skin tone in the face, hands, and body. This FDA-approved procedure also improves the appearance of cellulite, scars, and liposuction irregularities.

Is Renuva permanent?

Although most results are permanent, some patients may require additional treatment.

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