Dr. Kilmer gives the scoop on the “Coolest” new way to fat reduction

by | Dec 17, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA – You work out, eat healthy, but still there may be little areas you just can’t seem to slim.

Just last week the Federal Drug Administration approved a new method called “Cool Sculpting” to help attack those problem areas. No needles, no scars, no down time needed.

Sacramento dermatologist, Dr. Suzanne Kilmer, was part of the five-year clinical study and the first to do the procedure on a human.

Kilmer says the Cool Sculpting machine can isolate certain areas and freeze the fat without damaging the skin. The fat cells eventually die off over a period of time, and the skin is tighter and no fat cells are present.

She says if you continue to overeat, the fat will go elsewhere, so it’s best to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The procedure starts by marking the area to place the suction instrument. This device is placed directly over the line and literally suctions the target area and begins freezing the fat cells within that zone. The freezing process takes one hour.

Kilmer says there is no immediate down time after the procedure, but the skin is tender and numb for about a week. Over time, you’ll see less density in the area since the fat cells have literally been eliminated.

This procedure works best on smaller areas such as the stomach, back and love handles.

Kilmer says you can do the procedure several times to get the amount of shrinkage necessary. This will raise the cost though. In general, one application starts at about $700.

By Monica Woods, mwoods@news10.net



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