What is Cellfx?

CellFX is an innovative procedure to clear common skin conditions, such as benign spots, bumps, or growths known as lesions. Most common skin lesions are made up of abnormal cells. The CellFX procedure clears the cells of a lesion while sparing the surrounding non-cellular layers of skin tissue, primarily comprised of collagen – which helps prevent unnecessary damage and minimize the risk of scarring.

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How it Works

CellFX uses an innovative technology that uniquely works deep at the cellular level where the skin problem resides. The technology uses ultrafast electrical energy pulses to alter the cells that cause lesions. This procedure is cell-specific, which means it affects cells and only cells. There is almost no effect on the surrounding non-cellular dermis (skin). CellFX uses non-thermal energy (no heat or cold), which reduces the risk of damage or scarring and supports a more gentle healing process.


What should I expect after a CellFX procedure? What is the healing process like?

The healing process and period can vary depending on the size, location, type of lesion, skin type, and natural variations in healing rates. Immediately after the procedure, most patients may experience temporary reactions, including mild redness and swelling at the treatment site. Some patients may experience minor bleeding due to microneedle insertion. Within a week of the procedure, you may experience signs of the standard and expected healing process at the treatment site. A crust will form on the surface of the lesion area. After the lesion cells clear, new cells will regenerate, and the crust will shed as the new skin layer emerges. You may experience mild to moderate reddening, mild crusting, and mild scabbing as part of the average healing period. During the remaining healing period, you may experience temporary skin effects. The most common potential product is mild pigmentary changes (temporary darkening of the treatment area). Like many standard aesthetic procedures, pigmentary changes are often seen in patients with darker skin tones. Less common temporary skin effects include slight facial contour changes caused by clearance of the lesion, which resolves as normal skin tissue regenerates and fills in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects with the CellFX procedure?

In clinical studies, no severe side effects have been reported.

When will I see THE results?

Lesions typically clear within 30-60 days. As the lesion clears and new cells regenerate to form a new skin layer, the gradual return to normal skin appearance can take 60-90 days. Your doctor will advise the average healing time for the particular lesion type and skin type. Larger or deeper lesions may require extended periods to complete the clearance and healing process.

How many visits are needed?

Most lesions can successfully clear with a single procedure session. For more difficult-to-treat lesions, your physician may recommend a second procedure session. As the healing period progresses, if you believe that the lesion(s) or portion of the lesion(s) remain(s), contact your physician for follow-up.

Who is a candidate for CellFX?

The CellFX System is intended to be used for dermatological procedures in adult patients (22 years old and older) to reduce, remove, and clearance of cellular-based benign lesions.

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