Nutrafol PROPACK Postpartum
Nutrient packed supplements designed to promote hair growth for women postpartum.



Targets root causes of thinning hair in the first year postpartum like nutrient depletion and physical and emotional stress. Our clinically effective, natural ingredients support whole-body recovery for thicker, stronger hair growth and less shedding.1-4


All skin types


Hair Loss


Featuring Synergen Recovery Complex®: a nourishing blend of breastfeeding-friendly botanicals that are clinically shown to target root causes of postpartum shedding and thinning by supporting whole-body recovery. Theanine & Shatavari: Manage stress hormones and promote relaxation to support a healthy growth cycle. Shatavari also supports female reproductive health.5-7 DHA Omega-3s & Tocotrienol Complex: Target physical stress by supporting your immune system and providing protective antioxidants to promote hair density.8 Marine Collagen, Nettle, & Apple: Replenish protein, minerals, and plant nutrients to support hair growth and strength.1-4


-OBGYN-developed using clinically effective ingredients. -Fills postnatal nutrition gaps for hair growth and wellness. -Breastfeeding-friendly botanicals.Breastfeeding-friendly botanicals. 100% DRUG-FREE HORMONE-FREE GLUTEN-FREE SOY-FREE SHELLFISH-FREE BINDER-FREE NON-GMO NO PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR FLAVORS

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